Established in 2020, The Rooster Smokehouse Cigars is poised to be recognized as the premier boutique cigar company in the industry and "speakeasy" of online cigar clubs. We are four cigar lovers who came together to curate a line of premium cigars for all to enjoy. We aim to provide customers with a fulfilling and lasting cigar and community experience.

Our products provide a welcome respite from the daily grind and refreshing opportunities to network, collaborate, or to simply enjoy the cigar experience with others.

Our featured blends are name after the professions of each founder; the Accountant, Architect, Entrepreneur, and Genius. While each blend have their own unique experience and flavor, they work great together collectively.

All our blends burn with consistent taste to the last quarter, where some of the subtle notes become more pronounced; heightening your experience as you cap your smoke session.

meet the founders

Tom Brokaw


Brian Punter

Wayne Gaskin

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